Welcome! Thanks for coming here. We recommend that you read this page all the way because it is an opportunity for your business.

The project Aziende nel Web stems from the desire to make a group in an increasingly social world on the one hand, but “asocial" from the point of view of collaborations. Often those with skills are afraid to share them because they think they might have nasty surprises.

For us, however, collaboration is the winning weapon for your working reality. How many times did you want to take a job, but did you miss something to compete with others? Maybe a collaborator who did a small part …

How many times did you say “I want more customers" but you never did any strategy to be more visible, because you did not have the skills, did not know where to start or just did not have time?

If you’ve come this far, it’s basically for three reasons:

  • You want to grow up
  • You want to get involved with new opportunities
  • You are curious
  • Well, then go ahead with the reading, because below we explain how the project intends to give you a hand.


We give you a dedicated page where you can enter your working reality, company name, description, images and much more. A sort of mini site that allows you to be in a series of working reality that want to show off. A space all yours, where customers can find you easily.

We create a dedicated area in which there are all your services and products, which is sponsored on our Facebook page. Write down everything you do and wait for your customers to contact you, thanks to a custom-built system based on what you do. In this window customers can book your services or products and ask for a consultation. The union is strength, the more companies we will be, the more we will achieve high levels of visibility with social sponsorship. Even the contribution of another company will make you grow!

We insert articles that talk about your working reality on the portal of the group www.socialandtech.net, which will be seen by hundreds of thousands of potential customers.

We organize calls with a specific theme and are useful for your growth. Together with you there will be all the companies in the community as well as the speaker.

Get help from your coach. Once a month you will be contacted by one of our experts who will analyze your working reality to give you all the help you need in terms of growth, with tips, methods, tools and much more.
Know your next business partner
Within the community there are no secrets, you can contact whoever you want and create new opportunities.

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